Enhanced family and friend pictures

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I found your site and i was amazed by the aftermath of the photos. Im just wonderin if you could do a lil favor and use your skills to pimp out some pictures.
thank you.



A typical snapshot taken in a house.
There’s lots going on and lots of other things in the picture.



So we’re in a digital aged unrestrained by specific print sizes.
We can change the demensions.

We can get rid of the rest of what’s going on in the picture and focus on what’s important.
The family is important.

Very typical edits to rescue the picture from the lack of developement in the camera.
Cameras are very very conservative in how they edit your JPGs, but they do that so that you can develope them how you like.
It’s harder to undo overdevelopement than to add it.

Anyway these pictures were very low resolution pictures so it was harder to play around with.
RAW file format or a larger file size helps to let you play around more with the pixels and have some more lee-way.

There’s a spot on the picture that needed to be fixed in photoshop.
But this is about fast 30-90 second edits… so i opted not to take it into photoshop.



This picture really needed to have an edit that matched the subject.
I think I got a little closer to what it needed.

It’s often about picking an edit style to match the subject matter.

Again it wasn’t a very large picture so i couldn’t stretch it too far.
But i did some auto white balance in lightroom… made the whites more like white.

I think every picture from a point and click really really could use some extra contrast in the picture.

And I really think the crop on the left hand side was well done in regards to how it worked with the drums.


Amanda’s Senior Picture

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So I have been looking for someone to help me edit my senior pictures. Could you help me out please?”





What did i do?
I checked to see if the White balance was good. Camera did a good job.
I used some noise reduction which you won’t see in this small of a picture anyway.
I worked on contrast so it would stand out and clarity.
And then i just decided she wanted something that stands out a little more so I just grabbed a preset i had made in lightroom.
It seemed to work good and that was about it.
I also added a little red tone to the picture overall… I don’t know if that was the best decision. But it’s done anyway.
All this took a little longer than i usually spend on a picture. About 90 seconds

The thing that is time consuming is:
the downloading from email, importing into lightroom, exporting the enhanced and unenhanced, making the blog post, uploading both pictures, and writing what i did, then writing this. haha
It just goes to show you how fast and easy editing is when you learn some good tricks.

Time to get this party rolling again.

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Great idea but I’ve been slack on implementation.

I am teaching a photo editing class this saturday and I’m sure I’ll have some takers to become part time posters to the site.

Anyone else doing quick lightroom edits making ordinary pictures good or good pictures great just let me know and we’ll look into having you be a contributor.

First Time For Everything — Even Editing

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“After” Image #1


I raised the exposure, recovery, fill light ,contrast, and temp.  Then I lowered the clarity and saturation and did a little blemish removal.

“Before” Image #1

“After” Image #2

This was my veryfirst attempt at editing so I had to play with it a lot to get it to where I wanted it.  First I applied the preset “direct positive” and then did a custom white balance using the white in his shirt.  I smoothed out his chapped lips using the “heal brush” and then adjusted all the settings until I came up with the final edit.

“Before” Image #2

“After” Image #3

For this picture I cropped and angled it, then added the “Aged Photo” preset.  Then I lowered the Clarity and Recovery and raised the fill light, blacks, and contrast.  To finish it I tweaked the rest of the settings a tiny bit until I liked how it looked.

“Before” Image #3

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Pimped out Pictures #5

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(Above: Enhanced picture)

I thought the picture warranted a bright look so that’s what was done
And then a little but of cropping to go with a more landscape look than boxish

(Above: The Original)


(Above: Enhanced Version)

The story seemed to be about the girl waving to the pageant girl.
The rest seemed to just distract from the story.
So I just cropped in leveled it and lightened it up a bit.
I would have cropped in a bit further but I kept the whole word “City”

(Above: The Original)


(Above: Enhanced Version)

Just give it some color and life.
A more light a slight vignette, darken the people in the back.
Some saturation and a bit more contrast.
More of an artistic flavor to the artsy kind of picture

(Above: The Original)

Call for Submissions

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I’m looking for some more submissions from people who are interested.

Send in a couple of pictures. Or send a few more than a few and I’ll select my favorite few.