Pimped out England Pictures #2

Bring out the focus of the picture and the strong features.
Cut out the distractions.

I decided the chair and the clouds were awesome. So I brought out the clouds a bit more.
And I lightened the area around the bench slightly.

I cut down on the grass a bit and cut out the path in the bottom left (easier seen on larger pictures)

The Original


A bit more contrast… bring out the skies a bit.
Make so the center statue isn’t dark and hard to decipher.

A more “Artsy approach.
I also tried to cut down on the bottom fence posts that were kinda annoying.
This time I kinda scrapped the clouds and did a noticeable vignette.
Lots more contrast.


The Original



When sending me pictures… send the large files.

1. I can edit them better.
2. I’ll send back the edited files… so what you send is what you’ll get (in quality)
3. If you send a picture too small to print… you’ll have an edited picture you can’t print either.


~ by Scott on June 2, 2008.

One Response to “Pimped out England Pictures #2”

  1. I love them! Especially the fields. I had, like, two seconds to pause and take the shot on my mom’s old point-and-shoot that kept turning everything gray. The grass was practically glowing that day, and I was sad it didn’t quite get it in the original.

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