Post 4 (Stumped?)

OK I’m not perfect… I know you all thought I was.

Some pictures are hard.

You need to learn how to pick your fights… most of the time I’d skip over these types, but these were the only two my friend sent.

So I gave it a shot.
One was obviously a scanned pictures… which makes it a lot harder to play with contrast and decrease the pixelation/noise without a good photoshop plugin (or rescanning the original negative)

Other ideas?



Don’t get me wrong… I Love the blue slide!
It’s just the blue smurf kid that bothers me.

No color is easier to deal with… and creates a more Moody picture, focusing on the expression and the funness of the situation and less on the blueness of it all.

I also opted for the exagerated vignette… and made sure you could see the face very well.


Original Scanned Image – Doesn’t look half as grainy in it’s small form.
And it’s a look you come to expect in old film pictures.

Who knows if this isn’t worse… But I do find myself focusing more on their expressions.


~ by Scott on June 2, 2008.

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