Pimped out Pictures #5


(Above: Enhanced picture)

I thought the picture warranted a bright look so that’s what was done
And then a little but of cropping to go with a more landscape look than boxish

(Above: The Original)


(Above: Enhanced Version)

The story seemed to be about the girl waving to the pageant girl.
The rest seemed to just distract from the story.
So I just cropped in leveled it and lightened it up a bit.
I would have cropped in a bit further but I kept the whole word “City”

(Above: The Original)


(Above: Enhanced Version)

Just give it some color and life.
A more light a slight vignette, darken the people in the back.
Some saturation and a bit more contrast.
More of an artistic flavor to the artsy kind of picture

(Above: The Original)


~ by Scott on June 24, 2008.

One Response to “Pimped out Pictures #5”

  1. These are really cool. If I had to choose a favorite, I’d say the first, but they’re all very good. Great jyarb.

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