First Time For Everything — Even Editing

“After” Image #1


I raised the exposure, recovery, fill light ,contrast, and temp.  Then I lowered the clarity and saturation and did a little blemish removal.

“Before” Image #1

“After” Image #2

This was my veryfirst attempt at editing so I had to play with it a lot to get it to where I wanted it.  First I applied the preset “direct positive” and then did a custom white balance using the white in his shirt.  I smoothed out his chapped lips using the “heal brush” and then adjusted all the settings until I came up with the final edit.

“Before” Image #2

“After” Image #3

For this picture I cropped and angled it, then added the “Aged Photo” preset.  Then I lowered the Clarity and Recovery and raised the fill light, blacks, and contrast.  To finish it I tweaked the rest of the settings a tiny bit until I liked how it looked.

“Before” Image #3


~ by suzrenee on November 3, 2008.

2 Responses to “First Time For Everything — Even Editing”

  1. You are seriously a natural at this.

    I hope you are very proud of yourself!!

  2. hi i was just wondering if you could edit my photos for me if sent you them thank you

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