Amanda’s Senior Picture

So I have been looking for someone to help me edit my senior pictures. Could you help me out please?”





What did i do?
I checked to see if the White balance was good. Camera did a good job.
I used some noise reduction which you won’t see in this small of a picture anyway.
I worked on contrast so it would stand out and clarity.
And then i just decided she wanted something that stands out a little more so I just grabbed a preset i had made in lightroom.
It seemed to work good and that was about it.
I also added a little red tone to the picture overall… I don’t know if that was the best decision. But it’s done anyway.
All this took a little longer than i usually spend on a picture. About 90 seconds

The thing that is time consuming is:
the downloading from email, importing into lightroom, exporting the enhanced and unenhanced, making the blog post, uploading both pictures, and writing what i did, then writing this. haha
It just goes to show you how fast and easy editing is when you learn some good tricks.


~ by Scott on December 31, 2008.

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