Post 4 (Stumped?)

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OK I’m not perfect… I know you all thought I was.

Some pictures are hard.

You need to learn how to pick your fights… most of the time I’d skip over these types, but these were the only two my friend sent.

So I gave it a shot.
One was obviously a scanned pictures… which makes it a lot harder to play with contrast and decrease the pixelation/noise without a good photoshop plugin (or rescanning the original negative)

Other ideas?



Don’t get me wrong… I Love the blue slide!
It’s just the blue smurf kid that bothers me.

No color is easier to deal with… and creates a more Moody picture, focusing on the expression and the funness of the situation and less on the blueness of it all.

I also opted for the exagerated vignette… and made sure you could see the face very well.


Original Scanned Image – Doesn’t look half as grainy in it’s small form.
And it’s a look you come to expect in old film pictures.

Who knows if this isn’t worse… But I do find myself focusing more on their expressions.


Pimped out Pictures #3

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Lauren has been following my PhotoBlog for a little while now therefore I was more than happy to edit a couple extra pictures for her.

She sent in 8 and I selected 4 of them… on most cases I had two ideas in mind.



Not bad to begin with… Right?
We don’t always Pimp the bad pictures.

Brighten it up a touch.
Make the subject stand out.
Help the eyes and the hair to pop out.

Try it in another way for a totally different mood.

In wedding pictures it’s my opinion you can’t have “Normal” pictures…
They have to have that something special.
Or…. they’re normal 😦


ORIGINAL – A Good Picture!

Make her a bit more important by cropping out a bit of the unnecessary sides of the picture.
(Gotta cut off from the sides when you’re cropping to an 8×10 print anyway.)

When cutting the sides… I kept the left side with a decent border of the rt angled wall thing.
On the right I tried to make the diagonal line intersect at the corner.

I also straightened up the picture to make it a bit more even.

Again Brighten her up.
Here I helped out the rose a bit and the eyes… (not too hard to see here compared to the big file)

A little stronger picture with a different mood.
Stronger… by stronger contrasts and stronger blacks.
Plus the vignette adds a lot.

Which one is more pleasing to you?


Everything was evenly exposed which is nice…
But it doesn’t leave me with a lot to do.

Crop in a bit on the image a bit and brighten it up.
A really short 30 second edit on Lightroom.
(When you have an idea right up front what you want to do)


This couple portrait had such a strong hint of red/orange from the background.
It was my particular desire to change that up and pull them out of the background a bit.

Not completely pleased with it all…
but it’s hard when the colors of the scene permeated everything pretty well.
But it’s a try… Do you think it’s even better than the original?

Sometimes just turn it B&W and you forget all your color problems.
As much as I love Color (above BW) you can’t let it detract from the picture, sometimes.

Just goes to show in these edits… that sometimes small changes might not look like much… but they can make a big difference. Other times you can do some big edits (fast) and what they most serve to do is to change the Mood of the image.

Many of the changes a photographer can make will only show up in larger images… PRINTS.

Pimped out England Pictures #2

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Bring out the focus of the picture and the strong features.
Cut out the distractions.

I decided the chair and the clouds were awesome. So I brought out the clouds a bit more.
And I lightened the area around the bench slightly.

I cut down on the grass a bit and cut out the path in the bottom left (easier seen on larger pictures)

The Original


A bit more contrast… bring out the skies a bit.
Make so the center statue isn’t dark and hard to decipher.

A more “Artsy approach.
I also tried to cut down on the bottom fence posts that were kinda annoying.
This time I kinda scrapped the clouds and did a noticeable vignette.
Lots more contrast.


The Original



When sending me pictures… send the large files.

1. I can edit them better.
2. I’ll send back the edited files… so what you send is what you’ll get (in quality)
3. If you send a picture too small to print… you’ll have an edited picture you can’t print either.

Pimped out Picture #1

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First submissions were 2 Bridal pictures taken over a year ago.
Not bad… however with just a couple of minutes we made good a little “good-er”


A little Brightening a little more focus on the girl.
Some Cropping and stronger contrasts.
Quick stuff… no photoshop needed.
Done deal.

Original Picture

Give it another shot… this time In Black and White.


Here’s another… same basic principles as above.
General brightening of the image fits the mood.

Original Image


Send in your Pictures

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Time to send in pictures that you’d like to see made just a tad (or a ton) better.

I’ll pick out pictures to edit and then display them in their edited beauty and you’ll marvel at my grand skills. My one minute skills… I aint spending much longer, because I’m not That into it.
It is free after all!!

1. Try to send the large file… makes it lots easier to edit.
2. Make sure you’re allowed to let me edit it. (Best if it’s a picture you took or own)
3. Be happy with the free service. Do it again and tell others.

This could be a lot of fun.

Where to send them?

It has Begun

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My regular photo blog is located at

It’s time to divide what I’m doing.

Plus I’d eventually like to see other people joining in on the fun!
Cuz I know there are some great photo editors out there… and lots of them are a lot less lazy than I!

So bring on the pictures!!

This project/blog/site/thing… will eventually be located on
But given the lazieness it will remain here for now.